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Publié le par Nellou

Voici de nouvelles coques d'IPHONE, imitation Oreille, qui rendent absolument transparent le fait que vous soyez au téléphone !

...You can choose from a range of styles: Finley (plain white ear); Luna (female multi-pierced ear); Razor (male multi-pierced ear); Dylan (plain black ear); and Nick (blue-tooth on ear).
A wacky range of iPhone cases has been designed to help disguise the fact you are chatting on your mobile. The £13 EARonic cases feature realistic images of ears so it doesn't look as if you have a handset pressed to the side of your head. Designed by Daniela Gilsanz, a design student at RISD (The Rhode Island School of Design), they can be bought online from www.collabcubedshop.com...


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