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2.30 mètres de cheveux !

Publié le par Nellou

A Chinese woman who hasn't had her hair cut for 15 years now has locks that measure 2.3m long. Liu Chun, from Zhoukou County in Nanchong, southwest China's Sichuan Province, hasn't had a haircut since giving birth to her son, who is now a teenager. She says: 'The baby consumed all my time, and gradually I got used to my long hair. I won't cut my hair, and I want to know how much further it can grow.'
Une chinoise qui n'a pas coupé ses cheveux depuis 15 ans, les a mesurer... ils atteingnent désormais 2.30 mètres de long ...
A woman plans to apply for a Guinness World Record as she believes her 2.53m long hair is the longest in the world. 55-year-old Ni Linmei from Taiyuan in northern China's Shanxi Province stopped cutting her hair 15 years ago. Standing at just 1.66m tall, Ni's hair is now even longer than she is.

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